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Pamela DussaultI am a spiritual counselor, reader, and healer who utilizes my gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, empathic abilities, energetic power, inspiration, and life experiences to assist, support, guide, and
direct you towards living your joy. Listen to Pamela explain how it works

I communicate with your angels, guides, and your higher self, and together, we are your team of way-showers to happiness, peace, prosperity, and love. We know and feel the deepest wish in your heart and will work with you to fulfill it as well as help you realize the secret to inner joy, trust in yourself and  True Love.

You can learn many how too's that will assist you in transforming your life both past and present.

Letting go of controlling behaviors and allowing more love and peace into your life and manifesting  your dreams! You can also read about emotional health and how to obtain it, as well as how to become emotionally independent. You will learn about how you have allowed many things outside of yourself, like music, the environment, the media and others affect your inner joy.

Dreams can come true! Pamela's story shared with you as an inspiration to know it is never too late to change your life! It is never too late to get help for any issues in your life, even if you were abused as a child.

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Your contributions help passage to inner joy/Pamela assist those in need of her services and also assist you to personally enter into the flow of infinite abundance! What you give shall return to you tenfold from unlimited divine source!

For many years, I was in an unfulfilling marriage to a man who was verbally and emotionally abusive and was an alcoholic that drained me of any sense of self-value. I felt complete betrayal and abandonment. Suffering from the abuse and in an attempt to get the love, kindness, and attention I desperately needed, I began to exercise. I also was desperate for him to stop drinking, and believed at the time that if I looked “perfect”, as the media often influences us to do,  he somehow would. In fact, I would have done anything at that time for the love I needed. And I just about did.

I did not immediately realize that inner joy and peace would promote my healing far faster than the outer resolves I was coming up with.In 2002, my self-confidence grew, and although I wasn’t getting everything I’d hope for from my husband, I was feeling very good…the key word here is Feeling. I had previously been so numb during this marriage. As I was awakening through my feelings, I was becoming aware that I had other possibilities for my life. I previously wasn’t even aware that I had them at all, I was that shut-down. I then became hopeful of the dreams that I had tossed away so long ago. I started to meet other people, watching and observing the different qualities and aspects of happiness, kindness, respect and love…all those things I wished for in a relationship, and in myself. So I began to rekindle these lost dreams, and I also started to pray. And in 2003, I became aware of my psychic gifts and how to help others heal in person or at a distance; which in turn has helped those people to help others heal.

I believe that the strength that started in my physical body, actually grew into my entire being, giving me the courage I needed to make the choice to be free from this man. I was afraid of the unknown, but I also had these dreams in my heart that I was determined to fulfill that led me to go on. However, this man, as many abusive men do, would not let me go so easily. I realized that I could hear my angels when one evening they woke me up with “Watch Out!” loud and clear. He was attempting to break in to my house but my prayers for protection for my children and I were answered and the incident was diverted. In fact, many times after that, his attempts to ruin my plans to pursue this happiness were stopped before they began! They failed every time. Even when he tried to sever any financial support by drinking on the job in an attempt to get fired (another attempt
at hurting me), I was able to get some help from the government for medical, food, and heating needs. He tried everything to stop me, and the more he tried, the more I realized I had to get away from this man and pursue my heart’s desires. He was eventually put in jail temporarily which gave me some piece of mind to expand my “circle”.

I made some friends with similar experiences, and they all had similar dreams to mine. I became interested in oracle cards, particularly angel, and learned how to give readings with them. I also studied Reiki (later to become a Master Teacher) and I really wanted to get into the healing arts, but had no idea how I would go back to school with little time caring for 3 children and in a part-time job. My prayers were once again answered I got laid off from the job I held for 18 years I was able to collect severance, then unemployment in a time frame that would cover the year it would take to complete full-time massage therapy schooling! I also discovered that I would receive some financial breaks for being a single-mom! I was blessed.

I made more wonderful friends in school, both instructors and classmates alike, and my circle had expanded into a community full of loving, kind, caring (to only mention a few) individuals. I felt so supported by these people, my angels and guides, and God that I had forgotten what it was like to be afraid. I learned some other energetic healing modalities, and became excited at the possibilities of combining all these healing techniques together.
While practicing my massage to satisfy the hours required for my certification, I met a man who needed spiritual guidance. He was so pleased that he began to tell many people about me. My business was growing in ways I didn’t even know were possible, and all before I finished school! Slowly but surely, I was getting closer to the fulfillment of a desire I wasn’t aware I had for a business!

Then came the day the love that I dreamed of walked into my life. My heart’s desire was fulfilled right before my eyes with this man who came to see me for my healing. I knew right away he was the one, but I didn’t nor couldn’t jump into anything at this time. There were many ethical rules that didn’t want to break. So over a period of time, we got to know each other very well from our conversations, and I was falling deeper in love with this man. I was hoping he would say something to me about his feelings for me, and when he did, our business relationship was replaced with the most amazing love relationship. He loves me deeply, adores, respects, and values all that I am. He’s a wonderful father and is smart, kind, supportive, caring, helping, and healing towards myself and our family. He’s also fun, adventurous, spontaneous, and very sexy! He’s everything I always desired. He’s my soul mate, best friend, lover, husband, and partner.

My life had completely turned around. Gone were the days of the past and a new dawning had arrived. I took some time off from business to completely immerse myself in this relationship as he was semi-retired. We made love all day, took daytrips, and had so much fun while the children were in school. We had waited far too long to be together to be working. However, there were still financial responsibilities to take care of. I did not want to give up my time with him just yet, and was torn between working and being with him. I had never felt such a strong desire to be joined with anyone like this. I had to be at his side every possible moment. I felt that the joy I was experiencing with him was a service to others somehow, and so I asked the universe to be supported. My support came when my ex-husband died and I was able to collect social security for my children and me. This wasn’t exactly how I expected to be supported, and certainly not what I would have wished for, but I knew in my heart this was a way for him (and me) to make peace with all he had put me and the children through. Because of my psychic abilities, I was able to communicate with him once he passed, and forgave him for everything. We were able to be at peace. It was over.

We are now in a time where two families are becoming one. The many plans for our future bring a feeling of unlimitedness, and much joy and excitement is here. The unknown has become my friend, and I welcome it with open arms. I wouldn’t say this is our happy ending, because it hasn’t ended at all – it keeps on going and growing into more joy, more love, more peace, and more prosperity. I believe this is heaven. The worst is so far behind me and now my desire to share with others the possibilities that lie ahead are flowing, so I started this site. I hope my story has inspired you, and eased any fears you may have about making choices and about stepping into the unknown. I hope you use me as your example and as a guide. I hope you join me in creating your own heaven on earth.

With love and gratitude,

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