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R.E.A.P. Energy Healing

"Pamela's energy work is powerful, clear and deeply healing. Working with her frees you from the hidden blockages to your total well being. I highly recommend her beautiful work to anyone who wants to live more fully and freely in the present.” 

Sonia Choquette – World renowned author, storyteller, and six-sensory spiritual teacher.


Energy healing is a treatment based upon the fundamental premise that all physical objects (body) and psychological processes (thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and attitudes) are expressions of energy. Your body, mind and emotions all have a subtle energy or life force, which, if balanced and flowing, brings about whole health and wellness. This is the objective of energy healing, otherwise known as energy medicine.

Everyone has energetic patterns which are genetic and/or imprinted upon them by their family, environment and experiences in life. They also create their own imprints based upon their behaviors, attitudes, thoughts and beliefs. If any of these imprinted patterns are negative, symptoms of pain, depression, trauma and confusion ensue. These symptoms, which prevent one from truly enjoying and loving life, can only be permanently eliminated by changing those imprints.


When I work with clients, I enter a high state of consciousness to remotely connect with them so I may actually feel, hear and see their imprinted patterns which are causing these symptoms. I then receive information from their higher self on how to shift it using my own body and energy. I receive information about where, when, why and with whom the imprint originated. While the imprints are being cleared, my client is also being aligned with their higher self to restore them to who they really are, reveal their infinite potential, and remember their soul’s purpose in life.

I call this energy healing method R.E.A.P. which stands for Remote Energetic Alignment Process. In 2009 during a generic remote healing session, my higher self and the Divine helped me retrieve this specialized method of healing which I had used from a past life. I have been successfully treating hundreds of clients using it since. R.E.A.P. awakens and restores a new sense of self, one that has clarity and sustains a sense of well being, inner peace and joy – regardless of any external people, events or circumstances that have the potential to negatively affect the client.
Also in 2009, I had retrieved a variation of R.E.A.P. which I call the Transfigurative Trauma Healing method. This healing method works in line with R.E.A.P. however it targets a specific trauma. Each trauma has a history associated with it and this healing method actually shifts the once harmful event into a new beneficial story.


There are two ways in which R.E.A.P. and the Transfigurative Trauma Healing work remotely. One is through a process called magnetic resonance. Magnetic resonance is the process of feeling or resonating with another person long distance with the intention to heal. The “unhealed” area of the person’s body acts like a magnet to that same exact area in my body. Because my body’s energy frequency is at a much higher vibration, I am then able to shift the “unhealed” area to be healed all the while receiving information about it.

The second way in which it works is through quantum physics where time and space can be compressed because they are changeable and flexible. Time and space are relative. Therefore, I am able to “travel” across time and space to heal you and retrieve pertinent information, much like a shaman does.


You may or may not feel anything during the session although most people report feeling anywhere from a tingling sensation to slight pressure in the area being healed. Some people have reported feeling a little light headed – almost spacey – but not to the effect that they can’t fully function. The results of the healing tend to be felt within 24 hours of the session although some results have been known to be gradual over time, depending on the nature of the healing session itself. Be confident that the timing of the results is always perfect and divine in accordance with each individual’s soul.

      R.E.A.P. Healing $275.


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