R.W. in MA

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Thank you Pamela for a WONDERFUL class last night! I hope I can make them all! You are a gifted teacher. I can’t thank you enough. Your classes are truly life changing…. The ArchAngels 101 seminar was amazing. I am not the same person I was before I met you and “Passage to Inner Joy”…. I am definitely on my way… well on my way to Inner Joy…. thank you for opening up these doors and helping me in so many ways… Thank you Michael, Uriel, Chamuel and all the others…. but most of all thank you Pamela for introducing me to this new life… You have been instrumental in guiding me through what has been the hardest journey in my life.

R.W. in MA October 24, 2016

Gony W.

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I have been blessed by Pamela’s work with individual healing sessions and through her classes. Individual sessions saved my life and I am forever with gratitude to Pamela for her wisdom, compassion, and divine guidance. She salvaged me from a very bad situation and continues to help me retrieve my soul so that I can create a life of joy and love. If you want to be blessed, healed, and guided to creating the life you want, I highly recommend making the decision to work with Pamela.

Gony W. October 24, 2016

S. Business Manager in MA

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Pamela Dussault is a true healer, in all senses of the term. She combines her gift of intuition with her deep empathic nature to support, mentor and nurture those who seek her help in a way that they can apply and act upon for real results. I am extremely grateful to Pamela for her steadfast dedication to my journey and to healing some very deep traumas. She came into my life at exactly the right moment and thanks to her steadfast dedication to my success, I have grown leaps and bounds in my spiritual development. After working with Pamela as my mentor and intuitive counselor for only a few months, I feel a sense of inner peace and hope that I had once thought impossible. I am excited to continue my transformation with her spiritual and practical guidance.

S. Business Manager in MA October 24, 2016