Spiritual Healer Testimonials

Pamela Dussault is a true healer, in all senses of the term. She combines her gift of intuition with her deep empathic nature to support, mentor and nurture those who seek her help in a way that they can apply and act upon for real results. I am extremely grateful to Pamela for her steadfast dedication to my journey and to healing some very deep traumas. She came into my life at exactly the right moment and thanks to her steadfast dedication to my success, I have grown leaps and bounds in my spiritual development. After working with Pamela as my mentor and intuitive counselor for only a few months, I feel a sense of inner peace and hope that I had once thought impossible. I am excited to continue my transformation with her spiritual and practical guidance.

S. Business Manager in MA

In the wake of all the drama and trauma going on around me, I have been feeling an eerie calm. Not so desperate or anxious about "what is going to happen" or "what if" or "what is he going to do". I feel more in control of myself and my actions and not so scared.... I guess you could call it a sense of empowerment so to say.... just not scared... so I am hoping this continues... and I stay strong.... I credit you for this peace.... thank you... Please know who you are and what you do has a HUGE impact... More than you can imagine... really... I look forward to learning more... I look forward to "getting through this" I look forward to "getting to the other side of this drama/situation" and most of all I look forward to someday finding love, peace and security.... Thank you.... from the bottom of my heart....(which today, doesn't feel the pressure or pain I have had for so long)

R.W. in MA

Thank You so much for the strength and empowerment that your work brings to me and my family. It is very real, and accurate, and necessary.

L.B. in MA

Pamela's energy work is powerful, clear and deeply healing. Working with her frees you from the hidden blockages to your total well being. I highly recommend her beautiful work to anyone who wants to live more fully and freely in the present.

Sonia Choquette World renowned author, storyteller, and six-sensory spiritual teacher

Things have changed so much and so rapidly for me in the past 3 weeks since my healing. First, I am so relieved that my anguish over a past love has dissipated. Its truly amazing. That physical pain I once felt is no longer there. Second, really letting go of the possibility of a future with a past love has totally allowed me to fall deeply in love with a new man...

L.T. in MA

Dear Pamela:
Last night late in the evening my daughter called me. She sounded so happy and she had a breakthrough. You said she would eventually talk with me and she did. She shared and was so uplifted. Her healing has begun.

How can I thank you and all the angels for leading me to you. These kids are in an awful place and through your healings have given them hope and faith once again. She even told me about losing apart of herself, unbelievable!!! Praise to our God Source Energy Wow! Thank you again and again I'm in tears.

Many many blessings to you and sending much love.

M.M. in MS

Just a quick note to let you know that today I was suppose to go for an epidural for the pain I have in my back they were going to put me under etc.

First my blood pressure was taken and it was great. This has never happened before I have had problems with my blood pressure being too high for years.

Also I had no back pain so my specialist sent me home and said there was no reason to have this procedure done!!!!!!!! This just blows my mind I'm so very grateful for the work you have done and its just wonderful how our DEAR LORD works through you. I'm so taken back!!!!!!!!!!" I'm so looking forward to more transformation in the coming days and weeks, I have been asleep for so long and I'm so grateful for this awakening.

M.M. in MS

You have given me the most remarkable healings, Pamela! Thank you for all you have done to shift my whole body from regularly feeling pain to comfort and happiness. You know just what and where the healing is needed. I am so much happier than I have ever been thanks to you! I trust your work over all others.

R.R. in MA

Just wanted to let you know that I'm so very happy because the session you've done with my son and husband has amazing results! If you remember our baby was crying, felt nervous and uncomfortable being with his father and it was due to some past lives' issues they have had together. But shortly after the session things started changing for better and everyday I watch them happy being with each other! Now their relationship is great and getting better! Thank you once again!

M.S. in Moscow

Pamela is a Healers, Healer! In my 30 + years of healing work with many professionals, I found Pamela to be an incredible intuitive. Her acutely sensitive and developed empathic abilities allowed her to immediately focus on the area of my body that was in pain. Her loving attention and guidance helped to remove the habitual emotional block that was causing the pain in just minutes. She assisted me with getting my emotions balanced so I could move past the block that was keeping me from manifesting what I truly desired. I highly recommend working with Pamela. You will feel as if you are in the arms of the angels....safe, protected, loved and most importantly cured!

E. RA Colorado

Thank you Pamela for a WONDERFUL class last night! I hope I can make them all! You are a gifted teacher. I can't thank you enough. Your classes are truly life changing.... The Archangels 101 seminar was amazing. I am not the same person I was before I met you and "Passage to Inner Joy".... I am definitely on my way... well on my way to Inner Joy.... thank you for opening up these doors and helping me in so many ways... Thank you Michael, Uriel, Chamuel and all the others.... but most of all thank you Pamela for introducing me to this new life... You have been instrumental in guiding me through what has been the hardest journey in my life.

R.W. in MA

I want to thank you. We were talking about how far we have come and how much has changed over the past couple of years. And we have you to thank. We were in a dark place where we felt completely hopeless and you helped us get on a path that led us to where we are now....I don't know where we would be if you hadn't started us on this journey and I want to thank you so much. You're wonderful, Pam and I'm so glad you do what you do. Thanks for being there for us.

N. and Z.