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"Pamela's energy work is powerful, clear and deeply healing. Working with her frees you from the hidden blockages to your total well being. I highly recommend her beautiful work to anyone who wants to live more fully and freely in the present.” 

Sonia Choquette – World renowned author, storyteller, and six-sensory spiritual teacher

Who is Pamela and What is Passage To Inner Joy?

Pamela is the creator and founder of Passage To Inner Joy - an online healing center designed to reach people in the midst of a crisis, transition or trauma who are yearning for understanding, healing and transformation from a qualified and respected expert. Pamela welcomes and embraces individuals who are suffering from pain, loss, unexpected life changes, confusion or who are just plain burnt out and in need of direction.

Pamela’s experience, talents and natural optimism pulls others out of the shadows and back to their center. She is confident they will find healing and solace in any or all of Passage To Inner Joy’s various services.

Pamela’s story is one where she turned her worst nightmare into her greatest joy. As a result of her personal experiences of pain, despair, frustration and even abuse, she found she was able to communicate on a deep spiritual level with God and the Divine.
She received a great deal of spiritual information, wisdom and knowledge - particularly about soul mate relationships - which she was then guided to pass on to others through intuitive counseling and writing.

As she explored this connection further she began receiving guidance from her higher self to further her education in the healing arts. Pamela studied Reiki, Massage Therapy, Polarity, Shamanism and Remote Body Activation. It was during this time that she had retrieved her soul’s knowledge of a specialized method of healing which was to become her trademark method.

Pamela gathered her gifts, talents and experiences together to form Passage To Inner Joy where she continues to share her wisdom, knowledge and healing gifts with the world. Her intention is to be the beacon that eliminates darkness and the leader who keeps others from losing heart while assisting them to turn their own nightmares into their greatest joys.

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