Intuitive Counseling

Intuitive Counseling

Intuitive counseling is the knowledge and insight that comes from an accurate source of authentic foreknowing or sixth sense.

What is Intuitive Counseling?

Intuitive counseling is different from traditional psychological counseling in that the basis of the knowledge, wisdom, and insight offered comes from an accurate source of authentic foreknowing or sixth sense.

What can I expect in an intuitive counseling session?

During our time spent together in an intuitive counseling session, I will personally guide you to how you can quickly heal your pain and change your life to get into the flow of peaceful and joyful living.

This is accomplished by using my intuitive skills to reveal answers as to why you are experiencing pain or certain conditions and circumstances in your life. In addition, I will reveal the answers to how you can overcome your blocks and patterns, what your soul’s purpose is, and how you can best align with that.

What can I expect as a result of intuitive counseling?

Once you are shown the answers, you will be relieved of confusion, demoralization, and the stress that they cause. In gaining the insight you need, you will feel peace and able to begin living the life you truly want.
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I want to thank you. We were talking about how far we have come and how much has changed over the past couple of years. And we have you to thank. We were in a dark place where we felt completely hopeless and you helped us get on a path that led us to where we are now....I don't know where we would be if you hadn't started us on this journey and I want to thank you so much. You're wonderful, Pam and I'm so glad you do what you do. Thanks for being there for us.

N. and Z. November 25, 2016