Mediumship Reading

What Is A Medium?

A medium is a person who uses their psychic ability (sixth sense) to connect with a non-physical energy presence (spirit) outside of themselves to receive and relay messages and information. Simply put, mediums bridge the worlds of living and of spirit by communicating with the after-life and with Divine Beings such as Archangels, Ascended Masters or Spirit Guides.

There are two ways in which a medium communicates. One form is physical in which the spirit actually enters into the medium’s body and proceeds to communicate directly with the person who has requested the reading. The medium is unconscious during this process. This type of medium is often referred to as a trance medium.

The other form of communication is non-physical in which the medium is entirely conscious and sees, hears and feels the spirit. The spirit passes on messages to the person who has requested the reading and vice-versa. This is the form that I use most often in my mediumship readings.

How I Use My Gifts Of Mediumship

First, please understand that while I am a bridge between worlds in all my readings, my mediumship readings are solely to communicate with loved ones on the other side. If you are interested in receiving messages from Divine Beings such as Archangels or Spirit Guides, you will want an intuitive counseling session.

Most of my mediumship readings are conducted using non-physical communication which means I am fully conscious during the reading. I will connect with my client’s deceased loved one by matching energetic vibrations so that I can feel their presence. This is done by raising my vibration while the deceased loved one lowers theirs so we can “meet” and connect. Once the connection is made, I am able to empathically detect all emotions, hear words and thoughts and see specific mental impressions given to me from the deceased loved one to pass onto my client.

What To Expect During A Mediumship Reading

During the reading, I will mentally ask the spirit some questions to obtain validation that the spirit I am communicating with is, in fact, the loved one whom you have requested to connect with. This may be an image of an object or some other detailed information that you will be able to identify with. Once validation has been received, I will then ask questions you have for your deceased loved one as well as pass on messages from the spirit for you.

Due to the nature of these readings, expect an emotional release. I, too, will feel the impact of joy in the reunion and may express emotion as well.

What To Expect As A Result Of A Mediumship Reading

Whether you are aware of it at the time or not, healing will occur. There will be energetic shifts that will happen within you once the reunion takes place. This can only produce a positive effect for you.

Emotional release will most likely not continue beyond a few days after the session. The energetic healing, however, will continue until it is complete.

IMPORTANT: There may be some questions you may have regarding your healing process after your reading. If that is the case, you may request a follow-up with an email reading or intuitive counseling session. Please do not request another mediumship reading unless you only wish to communicate with your deceased loved one.

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Pamela was very knowledgeable. She helped me contact my dad, my sister and my Uncle. The experience helped me heal inside and out. I feel closer now to my loved ones that have passed. The experience helped me to believe once again.

Carolyn K. October 24, 2016

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