Spiritual Mentoring

Spiritual mentoring offers you a one-on-one approach to self-improvement and self-development on both a practical and spiritual level. Ask yourself the following:

  • Would you like to make your life easier, happier, and more satisfying?
  • How would you feel if you could have fulfilling and joyful conditions instead of undesirable ones?
  • What if you could be free from your emotional pain?

That’s now possible with my personal mentoring program through Passage To Inner Joy! I would like to be your personal mentor to make these changes and more. My mission is to really help you change so that your life will change in ways you desire and deserve, without leaving the comforts of your home. What I can do for you is better than life coaching – it is intuitive counseling, healing, and guidance every step of the way. With these, you will have everything you need to experience a new you and a new life you desire.

What Is Mentoring?

This personal mentoring program offers you a one-on-one approach to self-improvement and self-development on both a practical and spiritual level. I address your desired goals and how you can align them with your spiritual purpose to promote rapid, successful results. Each month within this program you will receive 3 – 40 minute or 2 – 60 minute phone consultations where you will receive intuitive guidance, mentoring, direction, and support for your change. You will also receive a 90 minute remote healing session to give you the extra boost you need to clear away the old and bring in the new as it pertains to the specific goal we are working on. In addition, you will have unlimited support from me via email between our sessions.

Whether your desired goal is to move from deep emotional pain to relief in a relationship, or to move from financial lack to abundance, I will provide you with information about why you’re experiencing what you don’t want and how you can change so you experience what you do want. I will then work with you to establish a practical and realistic action plan for change, and support you in each step and in overcoming any obstacles until you ultimately reach your goal.

Why Should I Have Mentoring?

It’s important to be grateful for what you do have in your life, but it’s equally as important to create and live the desire you have within your heart. On both a practical and spiritual level you have a purpose to fulfill your dreams and desires. If you ignore this purpose, you will simply become complacent and never grow in ways that will enliven and enrich you.

I’ve had enough experience to know that in order for goals to be successfully reached in a swift manner, a regular engagement with experienced outside support is required. You need a nurturing and knowledgeable mentor who is steadfastly dedicated to your success. As your mentor, I am available to you on an ongoing basis to provide what you want and need for your transformation. However, your commitment to this transformation is necessary.

Why Is My Commitment Required?

Believe me, the only way to truly change for the better is to make a commitment to do so. When you are committed, you will be filled with the courage and strength to do anything you can to reach your goal. So, in order to transform yourself in ways you never thought possible and thus transforming your life, you’ll need to commit to investing your time, energy, and yes, even money into a program that will bring you the success you deeply desire.

Investing in an occasional reading, healing or class is not going to be enough. You get back what you give. That means you’ll only receive an occasional glimpse of your dream but never actually have the whole experience. I am fully committed to help you change your life but it will only work if you are committed too. If you really want it all – the ultimate relationship, a soul-fulfilling and lucrative career, and a healthy, joyful life overall – then you’ve got to put two feet in and make a commitment to my mentoring program.

I’m Committed – Now What?

You can choose from a 6 month program, a 12 month program, or an 18 month program. You have an option to either pay monthly (under agreement of terms) or to pay in full for the term of choice. Once you purchase your program of choice, you are enlisted and will receive an email confirmation from me on how and when I can contact you. Our initial call will involve getting to know you and your goals. We’ll also begin setting up your future appointments and you’ll receive some homework to get you started.

You deserve this gift of change and are worthy of this beautiful transformation. Or perhaps you know someone else who is and would like to give them this gift? Please know that the longer you wait to commit to this change, the greater you affirm your unworthiness by allowing your current conditions to continue. It’s time for you to step into the flow of a joyful, abundant life.

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Pamela Dussault is a true healer, in all senses of the term. She combines her gift of intuition with her deep empathic nature to support, mentor and nurture those who seek her help in a way that they can apply and act upon for real results. I am extremely grateful to Pamela for her steadfast dedication to my journey and to healing some very deep traumas. She came into my life at exactly the right moment and thanks to her steadfast dedication to my success, I have grown leaps and bounds in my spiritual development. After working with Pamela as my mentor and intuitive counselor for only a few months, I feel a sense of inner peace and hope that I had once thought impossible. I am excited to continue my transformation with her spiritual and practical guidance.

S. Business Manager in MA October 24, 2016

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